Do you have a required/preferred vendor list we have to pick from?

Although we don’t have a required/preferred vendor list, we do have a list of vendor recommendations based on your event type.  All outside vendors must be insured, licensed in the State of Tennessee to do the job that you hire them for, and abide by all of the rules outlined in the Event Rental Agreement.

Do I have to have a wedding planner?

No, however we strongly recommend that you hire the services of a professional wedding planner to help with planning and coordination of your day.  We do have an event coordinator that can be hired to help with event planning and organizing.  Those options are available a la carte’.

What’s the deal with the event insurance policy?

Our event insurance and vendor insurance policies protect Wild Laurel and the vendors, but not you. To protect you in the same way on your event day, we ask that you purchase “Day of Event” liability insurance. The insurance is available from your insurance agent, or on the web for a nominal fee.

Do you have space for the bridal party to get ready?

The Tremont room is a lovely place for the bridal party to get ready. It is a spacious room ready with fantastic panoramic views for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready.

Is alcohol allowed?

Outside alcohol is not allowed. We have a full bar and can make special orders per request.  Nonprofit fund raisers must follow State of Tennessee laws and obtain the required special event permits through the state.

Are candles allowed?  What about party favors?

Yes, however, they must be enclosed in glass and located a safe distance from all flammable materials. Sterno may be used with chafing dishes.  We have applied to become an Audobon certified course.  Therefore, in conjunction with candles, we do not allow sparklers, bird seed, and confetti.  No balloon or paper lantern releases are permitted.

How do I secure my wedding/event date?

We require a completed, initialed and signed rental agreement along with a deposit in the amount of half of the rental rate.

We will have a lot of guests coming from out-of-state.  Do you have housing on premise?

Although we don’t have housing options on premise, we do work with a local cabin rental agency who manage cabin rentals in Laurel Valley and the surrounds.  Contact information is available on request.

Is a ceremony rehearsal included in the price?

Yes. This will need to be scheduled in advance with the Events Director.

Is there a place to load in and out?

Yes, there is a side entrance that has a ramp for deliveries.

What is your catering set up?

We have a full kitchen ready for your selected caterer.  It is designed for prepping and storage.  All cooking of food will need to be completed prior.

Does the price include any equipment?

No, you or your vendor will need to provide any sound equipment, etc.

Can I schedule a tour?

Yes.  You can submit a request either through the website, or, email our Events Director at

What is your cancellation policy?

Per the Event Rental Agreement, a 30-day written notice must be received prior to the event date in order to receive partial refund of the deposit.  The remainder of the deposit is non-refundable.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

All fees including: cleaning, administrative, and additional staffing are included in the facility rental price.

Can I take my Bridal Portrait at the venue?

Yes, at no additional fee.

Do I need an event permit?

The only time an event permit is needed is if the event is a non-profit fundraising event, or if the event guests are primarily under the age of 18.  If under 18, security will need to be hired for the event.