We have made significant effort in maintaining, and supporting, the wildlife that makes its home here at Wild Laurel. Through our Audubon International certification process, we implemented over 23 new landscape areas on the course. This project has contributed to us naturalizing over 40 acres of land right here in the foothills of the Smokies.

Our Goal

The goal of this project was to create wildlife habitat areas on every hole of the course. Through native wildflowers, we wanted to enhance hummingbird, butterfly, and bee activity at Wild Laurel. Through this project we have developed stronger environmental stewardship among our staff and community, and take great pride in showcasing the environment that surrounds us.


We researched several types of flowers in order to find ones that were beneficial to the golf course’s geographical location. We chose flowers that could provide nutrition for wildlife, without interfering with golf course play. Here, passing golfers may observe several types of wildlife from a safe distance.

Impact of the Landscape Areas

Since the wildflowers bloomed, we observed a significant increase in native pollinators in the area, including hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, and bees. With this, we have been able to naturalize about 500 square feet of the golf course. Not only that, but this project showcases native wildflower types of our region, rather than planting typical garden flowers.

Beauty While You Golf

Our golfers have enjoyed seeing these landscape areas be implemented; this is evident when they return to the clubhouse and are eager to share their personal experiences with the wildlife they observed.

This project was both rewarding and successful, and we are looking forward to implementing more projects of this nature in the future.

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